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  • Train Derailment Statement

    As a precaution to the Norfolk Southern train derailment, we have reviewed recent testing data on our raw water sources, showing no signs of contamination. Our treatment plant is 30 miles away and well upstream from the incident. We will continue to monitor the situation. Should you have any concerns related to the inc...
  • Low Pressure and Discolored Water

    Due to a leak at the Heritage Valley Sewickley Hospital, customers in the Sewickley service area may be experiencing low water pressure and/or discolored water. Heritage Valley Sewickley Hospital staff are working to isolate their leak which will restore the system to normal.
  • Holiday Closings

    We wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season!
  • Cold Weather Tips

    Before Freezing Weather Remove garden hoses from outside faucets. Insulate outside faucets with Styrofoam cover, rags or paper.Cover vents around the foundation of your home.Know where your property owner’s cut-off valve is located and how to use it. Apply oil such as WD-40 to the cut-off valve before operating to p...
  • Leaky Toilet Flapper

    Depending on the extent of the leak, a warped or poorly fitting flapper can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day and may cost hundreds of dollars a year. What's a flapper? A flapper is a rubber mechanism in your toilet tank that is the moving part of the flush valve, sealing water into the tank and allowing water t...
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  • Spring Hydrant Flushing

    Spring Hydrant flushing will begin on 4/17/2023 Sewickley, Osborne, and Haysville will be from 4/17/2023 - 5/05/2023...
  • 2023 Rates

    At our December 8, 2022, SWA Board Meeting, Board members voted on a consumption increase of $1.00 per thousand gallons, effective January 1, 2023. The new consumption rate increase will reflect on the February 20, 2023, bill. To view our rates, please click here or through the main page of our website, Water > Water...
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Pay Your Water Bill

We’ve made it easy for you to pay your bill using our online payment system.

Pay Your Water Bill
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Water Quality Report

We have prepared a report to provide information to you, the customer, on the quality of our drinking water.

Water Quality Report
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How to Enroll In Autopay

Tired of putting a long list of payment due dates on the calendar or on sticky notes around the house? Setting up your account for automatic bill payments makes life easier.

How to Enroll In Autopay
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How to Enroll for eBills

Easy steps to register for paperless billing

How to Enroll for eBills

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The Sewickley Water Authority’s mission is to proudly serve our customers and to help the communities we serve thrive by providing quality water at an affordable price. Our organizational values are excellence, integrity, and professionalism. Our vision of success is strong fiscal planning, operational efficiency, and systematic infrastructure investment.

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