Welcome to the Sewickley Water Authority!

The information listed on the side of this page is useful for new and current water customers. map
The Sewickley Water Authority provides water service to the following communities:

  • Sewickley (serve all residents)
  • Glen Osborne (serve all residents)
  • Haysville (serve all residents)
  • Sewickley Heights (serve most residents)
  • Aleppo (serve some residents)
  • Edgeworth (serve only a few residents)

To obtain water service or transfer an extisting service to your name, please complete our service application. Additionally, if your property has a fire suppression system/fire sprinkler system, you must also complete our Fire Sprinkler/Suppression Release Form. If you are unsure of your water provider for your new home or business, please feel free to contact our customer service department at (412)741-9180 with your new address.

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